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M 7 0 0 Perimeter

Jaggi Brothers



6, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines
Uttar Pradesh 211 001

91 532 420142

91 532 420142

Email Address:
[email protected]


The complete full field perimeter with a very powerful software to compare it to the best there is in Perimetry.

We are offering two variants of the M 700 namely the STUDIO and M 700 Base. The Studio allows the user a complete range of test facilities including the regression analyses, 3-D HOV representation, and previous record integration. The M 700 Base model provides the user with the friendly full field tests only.

The M 700 perimeters offer the user with a complete panorama of features that make the perimeter comparable to the best there is in perimeters.

With the use of advanced algorithms the M 700 is capable of fast, accurate and precise test of the fields. The Screening examination require only 1.5 minutes per eye.With a test capability extending to 80 degrees the M 700 provides a complete diagnosis of patients' visual field, allowing exploration of peripheral defects, not associated with the central field.

M 7 0 0 Perimeter pic 1

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