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Micron Intraocular


Via J. Serra n. 13
70126 BARI



Micron Intraocular it is a leader company in micro-surgical products and we are looking for a good partner in your Country . Please to be so kind to consider that we can supply the products as follows:
Intraocular Lenses  one piece C loop  6.5 with 2 holes and 5.0 mm phaco or 5.5 mm. We can optimize the best price for you and for your market.
Foldable silicone lenses  inserted into a special vial that allows to fold automatically the iol
Foldable acrylic lenses INJECTABLE
Foldable acrylic lenses C LOOP and also negative powers for HM
MicroSutures.    We can supply all kind of micro sutures ( Nylon 10-0 double needles micro spatula, Nylon 9-0 same needles, Silk virgin blu 8-0 same needles and we can supply also the adsorbable synthetic suture competeive with Vycril Ethicon and starting from 8-0 to 5-0 ) the prices will be surely interesting for you because we are can arrange special prices also for quantity.
Titanium Surgical Instruments.    We can offer to you a special titanium with a very patented colour that avoid the calcare's deposit after sterilization and these instruments are so good and the price it is related to the quality. We are specialist in vitreo-retinal surgery where we offer a special universal squeeze-handle on which you can interchange up to 60 tips of instruments with light or without light. The surgeons can demand to you all kind of vitreo instruments both with light fiber cable and vitrectome adaptor or the same without light. It is a good chance.
Corneal Transplants surgical unit.    This it is a new version of corneal trephine. As you know, the actual best unit it is the Hanna trephine. Now the Hanna system has been surpassed from our unit that allows to the surgeons to use a double suction, the possibility to select the depth of perforation, a complete cutting of 360 degrees with no torsion effect, possibility to effectue also a lamellar keratoplasty and to finish we can sell also a portable unit to pick up the sclero-corneal disc from the donors. The preparation of the corneal disc is done exclusively via epithelium and, of course, no trauma for the endothelium of the cornea.
Viscoelastic.    We can sell both cellulose or Sodium Hyaluronate Acid
As youn see Micron could be for you a good partner. 
Please, also, to consider that the Corneal transplant unit it is sold worldwide at the price of 32.000,00  and that your company had to buy at the signature of the agreement a demo unit for 15.000,00  and our eng. will come in your Country for a stay of 10 days for:
full training to your salesmen about perforant and lamellar keratoplasty and new surgical methods
complete corneal transplants in operating room to demonstrate to your surgeons how good it is this new unit
complete training about ours surgical instruments
We invite you to visit our web site  and where you will find the best solution for a new nice way to do eye surgery.
This it is the way to carry out our job. We offer to you: competence, confortable prices, quality and courtesy.
We wait for your kind answer.
Micron Intraocualr
Ferdinando De Nicolo'

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