Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference on 21st August, 2005


The planned city of Chandigarh, primarily an urban area of highly literate people,is surely but slowly developing into an important centre of academic & professional excellence. The PGI, the General Hospital, the Command Hospital & now the Govt. Medical College, as well as many private clinics & Nursing Homes have all attracted doctors from all disciplines of Medicine to this place. This gave rise to a thirst for latest knowledge, continued education & need for social contacts amongst doctors. Similar need was being felt by opthalmologists of the area to have a forum for professional & social interaction. While other attempts aborted prematurely, one serious attempt in 1976 proved only short lived. But in 1985, a more determined effort was made. During an informal meeting of such luminaries as late Dr.A.D.Grover, Dr.Bhajan Singh, Dr.O.P.Sharma, Dr.K.L.Passi, it was decided to form a society & Dr. K.L.Passi was assigned the duty to call a meeting for this purpose. In the convened meeting, a Constitution, based on that of All India Ophthalmological Society with minor changes necessitated by local conditions was adopted & accepted: office bearers were elected & Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society came into being on March 20, 1985.

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