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Urgent reply need (epilepsy)   Posted By Rohit    Date : 11-Jan-06   07:18 AM     Reply

I am looking for help from you , this is regarding the epilepsy type Tonic clonic problem ( this is I have found after studying the symptoms on NET ) . At the time of born she took the breath after sometime and was taken under doctor observation. After 12 years she got first attack (fit) and we started treatment. But again after 3 years the same thing happened but she was taking medicine regularly. We again went to the doctor and he changed the medicine but we did not find any good result from that doctor and we changed the doctor. Now our second doctor is the RK Gupta rishikesh. We were getting good result as she passed successfully 4 and half year without fit. But one day again she got the same attack and again he changed the medicine. It was a fortunate or unfortunate that doctor according to the government; he was banned as he was using psychotropic drugs. Again we changed the doctor and he gave us different medicine for that.

I have a question pls read this and send me the reply:

She got married last year and now she had a beautiful baby. Before the baby born, (approximate 3 month) she got an attack of fit .Now tell me, will her baby have the same problem?

I am now briefing about the newborn baby (Sonia). When she was born, she took breath after 15 17 sec and then normal breathing, it was a normal delivery but Nurses used some tools to pull baby out. Because of that she got a swelling in the brain and was vomiting (not taking milk inside). Also she cant lift her right hand up according to the orthopedic it will take 2 month and we are giving her some reverse exercise. We put her under doctors observation (in Nursery) for 5 days

Reply me ASAP and suggest me what to do if some testing is required.



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Re : Urgent reply need (epilepsy) - Dr Sudhir Kumar Jha 15-Jan-06    02:54 AM

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