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Re : acidity   Posted By Dr.Goteti    Date : 28-Oct-05   01:04 AM     Reply

Hi Ravi, As per the details given here by you are suggestive of Gastritis along with some Reflux and Regurgidation Problem.we need to do more in depth study in your case as you are aware that in Homoeopathy we need an entire picture of the person including his mental picture,physical and his systemic abnormalities.But still depending on the symptoms given by you I can suggest you some medicines which may give you relief.Before telling you the medicines I'd like to tell you onething.Medicines will help you 70% and remaining 30% is in your hands by taking proper care of yourself.If you know about your disease and what are the Do's and Dont's it is much better.Ok.I'll advise you some precautions which will help you like Drink more water in frequent intervals,avoid spicy,oily and fried food.Avoid raw onion.Avoid skipping meal or tiffin.Eat in time and sleep in time.Apart from these try these medicines like a Bio Combination no:25(3 times daily-morning,afternoon&evening,each time 5pellets)along with take Nuxvomica and carboveg in 30 potency in alternate days.Feel free to write me or You can call my Mobile-9440127717/9848273274.Take care

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