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chronic nocturnal emission   Posted By pradeep    Date : 21-Apr-10   03:07 AM     Reply

Respected doctors, sir, i was just 14 when i start to do masturbation,i did a lot of hand practice, i didnot aware abt the results at that time.so after starting my masturbation at 14,this practice continued many year,even i can say upto 20 age.but in result now i m facing following problem for last 3 to 4 years.now my age is 24 and im going to marry soon.i didn't mastrubate from 3 years. i have tried many medicines from 4-5 doctors(ayurved/allopathy/homeopathy) but still not cured.i cannot afford the expenses of medicines bcause i m very poor will u plzz give me some effective remedies.

i am deeply grateful to you for your help. Problem which i facing are mentioned below. 1. i face nightfall after every 1 or 2 days or some time on daily basis or dis duration may increase some times hardly to one week whenever i dream about some sexiest thing or without any dream. 2. i have the problem of premature ejucaltion. 3. i have made three intercourse in my life so far,and in this intercourse the semen ejacute before entering in vagina. 4.my body got very weak my eyes and cheeks have gone inside, they look sunken to great extent, there is no flesh left on my face my shoulder bones could be seen. my cheeks & eyes goes in.

5. if i got night fall twice in night then i feel pain in my penis. & some time smelly urine dribbling after urination. 6 i cannot concentrate on any thing that day 7 i feel very tired and down & does nt having any energy 7 backache & eye problem if i got night fall twice but these symptoms only appear when excessive night fall happens. 8. my penis has a left side twist. 9. my semen is so thin now. 10. some time i feel pain in my testes which is very rare.i mean in last 3 year,i feel pain just only 2 or 3 times. 11. my memory is now very weak. 12. i am afraid weather my semen has enough germs to make me dad. 13. my penis erection is strong.but very sensitive,release in 2 to 4 strokes. 14 from 1 years i am away from sexy thoughts/girl etc. 15 i also have stomach problems like acidity, indigestion & consiptition but i control all these problem by diet control as(not take tea, spicy & fried food & heavy meal ) in short my stomach structure is verymuch weak. 16.my temper is very cool & positive thinker & i m not take tension all for that but i want to get escape of these problems forever. ayurvedic medicine which i take:-viryshodan vati+chandrprabhavati +gulkand+praval pisti for 2 months but

not relief. then treatment from baba ramdev chikitsalya:-divya gokshurayadi gugul vati +divya ushirasav , bang basam(10g)+ makardwaj(2gm)+ sanghestav pisti(10 gm) +rajat bhasam(2gm) +muktasukti bhasam(10g) swarmakshik bhasam 5gm +motipisti(2gm) 2 dose 30 din take with honey. but the problem increase. after that i visit gupt rog visheshgya model clinic / vijay pharmacy they give tablets/churnas i don;t know the name. the doc suggest 1-1 month course but during taking medicine no night fall occur but after course complition & medicine stop it continous in bad frequency homepathy medicine:-tuja q for 7 days prescribed by a homepathy doctor but no result. my english is not so good so plz bear. Regards, Pradeep.

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Re : chronic nocturnal emission - Vaidya Dinesh Chandra Gupta 19-Jun-10    10:23 AM

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