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Loss of skin elasticity   Posted By soumyojit sen    Date : 30-Aug-05   12:11 AM     Reply

Subject loss of elastic and contracting power of my lower nose and lower lip Message My problem: 1: When I stretch too much or repeatedly move my lips while talking, laughing, yawning, eating or sneezing, my lower lip seems to loose its elasticity and tightness. It does not come back or contract immediately to its normal relaxed shape; instead it aquires and remains in a different, loose and biiger shape. It takes a long long time for it to regain its elasticity to some extent ,contract ,and come close to its originally normal relaxed shape. Whenever I move my lips, upper skin of my lower lip begins to come of, until the entire thin upper covering the lower skin comes off.

2: The same syndrome prevails over my lower nose part. The area seems to loose its elasticity and quick contracting ability, when it is stretched sideways or moved frequently; for example during laughing, smiling, yawning, sneezing. The nostrils at the rear end widens but then doees not contract back when relaxed and hebce tends to look wide even when relaxed rendering a different unwanted look. It too takes a long time to regain its elasticity to some extent and help itself contract back and come close to its originally normal relaxed shape, but not quite close enough because in course of time I have found that my nostrils are increasing in size in the sideways at the rear end.

----------------------------------------------- The Cause :

1: In childhood , 7 1/2 years ago , following a pal's wrong and ill advice , I used adhesive tapes and tied it tightly around my lower nose so that it would press the nose tightly from the sideways .This was done thinking it would restrict the growth of my nose in the sideways. This was continued uninterruptedly for several months at a stretch ." Determination can make unthinkable possible , indeed ".This was possible as at that time ,I used to live alone in my house, which was occationally visited by my care-taker cum cook . My parents were out of station for work for over a year. I did not go out and exposed myself with the tapes on my face to any body during this period.

2: The same thing was done with my lower lip too , squeezing it and taping it tightly giving as much pressure as possible to it from the sideways. ------------------------------------------------

Requirement :

1: To regain the elastcity and contracting ability of my lower nose and lower lip.

2: To prevent my nose and lwer lip get wider with time.

3: To stop my lower lip to loose its upper skin on a regular basis or when it is moved.

Please help me find a solution to my problem and reply me if my problem can be solved.

with regards, soumyojit sen. Ph: 9886337323. email : [email protected]

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