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Eyes treatment   Posted By Ravinder Gujjula    Date : 20-Mar-10   05:27 AM     Reply

Dear Doctors,

My nephew is now 34 years old. Approximately 4 years ago, he was sick with FITS( not sure this is correct terminology in Medical terms) and was admitted in one of the reputed in Hospital Hyderabad. After detailed diagnosis they informed his kidneys were not functioning well and also there was also slight problem in his heart. He was there in that hospital for about 2 weeks or so. He was given medication and advised to continue the medicines which they had prescribed.

Due to expensive treatment in this private hospital, after few months we had consulted a Nephrologist in Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences. The doctor had again done diagonsis and advised that my nephew has to be on medication throught his life as his kidneys are in non-recoverable stage. Since then he has been on continous medication.

After a year of medication or so, my nephew complained that his vision is blur and not able to read small letters. My nephew then approaced an Eye specialist in our town(Karimnagar) and he advised that his eyes are damaged and can not be treated there and advised to consult Sarojini Eye Hospital in Hyderabad. We had consulted this hospital and they have said that his right is fully damaged and the left has only 50% vision i.e. he can read only big letters.

I am living in Middle East and recently visited India. I brought my nephew again to one of the Eye specialist in our home town and asked for his advise. He told us that his eye balls are in good condition. But he lost his vision due to the non-functioning of his nerves connecting Eyes and Brain.I have asked him whether is there any possibility to recover the function of these nerves. He said there is none which is known to him.

I found this site through internet and thought might get some valuable advise. So, I request you to please advise whether are there any treatments with modern technologies which can help to recover my nephew's vision.

I look forward for your valuable advise.

Thanking you.

Ravinder Gujjula Tel: 00973 - 36501882 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Re : Eyes treatment - Sushmita Kaushik 20-Mar-10    09:45 PM

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