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re: plastic and cosmetic surgery   Posted By soumyojit sen    Date : 15-Aug-05   08:34 AM     Reply

Dear Sir , Greetings from me. I am a student, studing MCA. I want to know if it is possible to restore the lost elasticity and contracting ability of my lower lip and lower nose. I Had damaged these parts 8 years ago when out of some silly ideas, I applied intense pressure for a long time (for several months continously) on these parts . I delayed my treatement for so many years as I thought there is no cure for these and I was also shy to tell the reason that caused it. I used to live alone in my house at taht time and one day I decided to change the way look by subjecting my lower nose and lower lip to prerssures for a long time. I used adhesive tapes and tied it tightly around my lower nose to apply pressure from both side of my nose.

I also used the same thing on my lower lip. I persisted doing that for months altogether thinking that I can modify my look to what I want. But the result is that I lost the elaticity power of my nose and lower lip.The fat tissued around the tip of my nose was gone. whenever they are moved , they loose thier initial shape and aquire a different stretched look. They do not contract back to thier original shape after they are stretched. My nostrils are becoming larger and different in shape and my lower lip is becoming thicker and bulgier. Whenever I move my lips, the upper skin of lower lip cracks up and the skin begins to come off rapidly in whole. However if I do not move these parts for some days, they seem to come back to a not-so-abnormal shape, though it is not the same I used to have . The gravity of the problem is not as severe as it was 7 1/2 years ago, when the problem started. I want to regain the good shape and functionality of my lower nose and lip. I also have slight bent of my nose towards my right and a small swelling look on the hard upper stem bone of my nose. Can they be corrected. I had also damaged my eye bone during the same period. Thinking to raise my eye bone , I used a thin u-shaped plastic rod and applied pressure from underneath the eyebone inserting the rod between my the floor of my eye bone and my eye lashes. I used to do it every day, for long time and for several months. My eye bone used to swell up with pain, but I did not stop. Few months later I found out what wrong I did. The fat around my eye bone was gone. My eyebones had become thinner. There was a great deppression on the floor or the underneath of the eyebones. My eye bone had become thinner and my eye line became huge and deep. My eyes looked like that of an old and sick man. I used to have broad eye bones and thin eye lines. There was pain in the eyebones for a long time. Now there is no pain. But the shape has not recovered to what I used to have. whenever I put some pressure for some amount of time, the eyebone gets more deppressed. For example when I sleep with my eyebone resting against the pillow, they get deppressed. I want to restore the shape and broadness of my eyebone and make my eyes look and good as before. Please help me .I have holidays of 20 days left. I want to do the treatement within this period. Please help me avail the guaranteed solutions to my problems and help me lead a better life.

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