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  Posted By Dr Sanjay Saraf    Date : 16-May-05   12:00 AM     Reply

Title :Use of Tooth-Pick in Plastic Surgery I would like to highlight the role of Tooth-Pick in Plastic Surgery . The Tooth-Pick has been found to be very useful in the following situations: 1. As Marking Pen 2. Tattooing the markings in cleft lip surgery 3. As a dilator during micro-mini hair transplantation 4. To mark the pits during dermabrasion 5. For chemical cauterization of small cautaneous lesions 6. For sensory mapping 7. To mark the holes during plating in Maxillo-facial surgery 8 As a guide for passing wire through holes during plating in Maxillo-facial surgery 9. To locate punctum of eye 10. To locate stensen's duct in facial lacerations 11. To mark preauricular sinuses 12. To unwind the knot of suture 13. To extract buried suture 14. To clean the cautery tip

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