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Publich Health Managers(Govt Hospital managres)Vs Private Hospital managers   Posted By Purshottam Hoovayya    Date : 09-Aug-09   04:01 AM     Reply

We are past the 50 years of independence and the public health and the governmental health systems have not seen any dramatic changes in the working style , it causes heart burns when we see the developed nations public systems..... in spite of so much expenditures put into the health , which by now should have created a world class health care. We have created corporate hospital with minimal budget put compared to the over all budget put forth all this years ... after all where is the money going, we have created the insurance packages of 2$ to 10 $ which many of the world is envious of, why are we not able to create the best systems in the world at. we have all the resources, best of the doctors, best managers and the best of education but when it comes to creating systems we lack behind. is it after all the money which lures or is it the bureaucracy and the governmental policy which is not allowing the the growth of public system to grow.Is some one holding the growth of Indian healthcare. Are we still going to be working/outsourcing for the the developed nation at the cost of our own people, are we still dependent on the Multinational to create quality infrastructures at double the cost then the present. Where is the country heading for ... do we have a clear plan why is the government so slow in action.. we make so many policies but when it comes to implementation .... its a zero e.g the family planning .... after all where are we heading.After all are we not good managers do we require others help in creating systems. Today manager hold the responsibility to answer for the future of your kins.In today world its become so easy to make money for any one it does not require education nor the intellectuals. But creating a social enterprise/non profit organization which benefits all of us requires intellectuals to sustain during the bad times. Is this the right time some one takes notice and build up a better health care for our people. Purshottam Hoovayya

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