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diagnosis 2   Posted By msreddy    Date : 26-May-09   11:56 AM     Reply

My name is madhusudhanareddy of age 39 of kakinada ANDHRAPRADESH . ###### I already sent mail about my daughter[name msreddy, sub. Diagnosis]######## I have crackling crunchy sounds in all joints from last 3 years when I drive motor cycle my both shoulders are become stiff, same as in car driving [stiffness hip joints] after driving over it becomes free in less than 2-3 minutes when I was chewing I heard a sound like sand rubbing in ears, sometimes mild swelling in MTP joints When I take rest on bed I am free of all my problems. All immune blood tests are negative but aso 245, bone scan shows mild arthritis in hip,knees,shoulder,fingers,wrist,ankle&&CARTIGRAM KNEE shows; raised t2 values in lateral facet patellar articular cartilage-grade 1 chondromalacia patella ##mildy raised t2 value in focal area of lateral tibofemoral cartilage-early cartilage loss## please note lobulated hyperintence lesion in diaphysis of femur in the medullary cavity with serpigenous hypointence rim-? Bone infarct / enchondroma .my doctor said it is boney iland [I have no fracture,wound,crack at that area # except this I have no other problems in my body # TB,CANCER other symptoms. I am not having chronic pains in knees.x rays shows normal in shoulder, hips I consult 10ortro,5 rheumatologists in Andhra. Some said nothing to worry, wait & see, currently you have no acute inflammatory rheumatoid problems. They said if you have any of the above then we will start treatment and also you are having POLYARTRITIS or SERONEGATIVE ARTHRITIS. I have seen many websites, in that they are saying if you are having below 4 types of diseases then it was called polyart..1. Rheumatoid arth.2.ankylising spondilitis 3.psoriatic arth 4.osteo arthr.. but I am not having these 4. Is stiffness problems becomes early O.A to all my joints, how can I survive rest of my life .I am doing swimming daily I never face to take pain killers My wife, daughter also having same type of sounds.but they have no pains. Is it hereditary, doctors saying seronegative arthritis was not hereditary, is it self acquired, is there any relation between 3 of us Doctor suggested drugs;SAMPURES ADENOSYLE METHIONE GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROTINSULFATE COLLAFLEXCOLLIGEN PEPTIDE CALSIUM,ZINC&& DIECIREN Kindly show me a right path to survive Thanking you sir Waiting for reply

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