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Management of dislocated posterior chamber lens in the anterior vitreous: a case report   Posted By DR.KIRANJIT SINGH    Date : 31-Jul-00   08:08 PM     Reply

A lady aged 60 years reports with a chief complaint of decreased vision. On examination ,a posterior chamber pc iol is found to be dislocated in the anterior vitreous. Intraocular pressure is 18 mm. of hg. Endothelial count is approximately 1700 cells per square mm. The management is as follows:

1. Due to the scarring at the limbus ,corneal incision is given with a preset diamond knife and the chamber is opened up

2. With the help of a fine forceps one of the haptics is grasped and the lens is pulled out of the eye

3. The capsular bag containing residual lens matter and the vitreous are cut with the help of a vitrector. Patency of the previously done peripheral iridectomy is checked .

4. Pupil is constricted .

5. Under viscoelastic cover a small sized ( 6.5 mm.) iris claw lens is slipped in the anterior chamber and is fixed on to the front of the iris .

6. Incision is closed with the help of steel sutures.

Images can also be seen in image library

The early and the late postoperative period was uneventful with no evidence of uveitis ,hyphema ,glaucoma or corneal edema . The best corrected visual acuity after 6 months of surgery is 6/12.

All images can be viewed at http://indmedica.com/imglib1.cfm?hid=19&catid=16


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Re : Management of dislocated posterior chamber lens in the anterior vitreous: a case report - Dinesh Verma 04-Aug-00    01:38 AM

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