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Imp: Retinal Hole   Posted By Sujatha    Date : 18-May-09   09:45 AM     Reply

Hello, I'm working in IT field. I usually have "Eye irritation/pain with Severe headache" while using computer for a long time. Recent days i have frequent and severe eye pains.I will go to an eye-spealist, they will check my eyes and will give eye-drops to cure my eye-pain. The reason i heard from them for the cause of the eye-pain was due to dust and some times due to eye-strain. I use spectacles. I need advise as whether are these symptoms of CVS?

Recently I had severe eye pain(madras eye) and i went for a check up.

With the pain in the eyes, doctors checked for glasses and after that they prescribed change in glasses and prescribed 'Refresh tears' and 'Nevanac' eye-drops. (Note: I had blurredness while reading since i had severe eye pain with redness and yellow fluid coming from my eyes) After a while doctor did a retinal check (with the eye-pain) and said that i have a hole in the retina of right eye and had to do Prophylactic Retinal laser treatment.

I need some advise on this urgently please.

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Re : Imp: Retinal Hole - Abdul Rahman 31-Aug-09    03:21 AM

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