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LV DYSFUNCTION   Posted By ROHIT    Date : 13-May-09   11:56 PM     Reply

I am a 42 yr old healthy and physically fit male. I was diagnosed with ECG abnormality during a routine medical examination. One test led to another and finally it reesulted in rpoving that my LV EF was approx 40%. During detailed interaction with cardiologist I underwent angiography followed by stress thalium followed by PET scan. The finding of poor EF was confirmed. What is not understood is I never had any symptom for any heart related disease and my physical activity continued to be same till stopped by my doctor. What are the chances of complete medical recovery?? I am on regular medicines for last three yrs, but the medical findings shpw no improvement. Is such a case normal - if required I can fwd the findings. The angio shows normal epicardial coronories - totally asymptomatic - normal lipids and cholestorol. Further my performance on TMT and stress thalium is excellent - average 16 mts. Have placed the ECG and PET scan esults as att.

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Re : LV DYSFUNCTION - DR SYED RAZA 14-May-09    07:28 PM


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