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Crohns?   Posted By sara    Date : 26-Mar-09   01:21 PM     Reply

When I was a child I had pain in my LRQ. After upper and lower gi, I was given bentyl and the pain seemed to subside. I was told Irritable bowel syndrome then. I was 10 at the time. Now I am 40, for the past two years I get these attacks of diarrhea. I can not eat: milk, fruits, vegtables, dairy, large meals, sugar, sugar substitutes or I get sick. Now I do not have constipation. I usualy have a morning pm which is soft and narrow. It did not use to be. When I get these attacks I know it is coming because I will sleep for several hours and wake up to go. repeatedly. Sometime times it is dark in color. Use to be normal in nature, now when I have mild attacks between the major ones It is orangey. I get a slight fever, and hot and cold sweats. Sometimes I get nauseated. Immodium ad and pepto bismoyl increase the nausea, and vomiting (which is rare) these attacks take three days to get over.

Now I have pain and spasm like sensation if I eat. I can only digest rice, and chicken. Even tha hurts but I do not get diarrhea from it. I have lost 22 pounds this year, in the second year of problems. I have hemmoroids and makes it hard to go. Once they filled the toliet with blood. I choke on food, It feels like a lump at the top of my throat. I have: hypothyroid, arthritis, degenerative disc in three cervical vertebreas, one midback, and L5 with sicatica. I have carpal tunnel x2. I have PVD, Von WIlldebrands. Depression, and high cholestrol. I smoke. I do not drink, or take drugs. I have sebboric dermatitis. I also have alot of pain in my right side under my rib cage. It does feel better after I go, however the pain does not subside completely. The pain in my groin goes through to my back. It is aggrivated by walking. I think that is it. Thankyou for your time, consideration, and advice. Past history DVT & PE, Staff carrier- hospitalized on IV Vancomycin. Kidney stone- calcium

Medicines; Tramadol- arthriic pain. Can not take NSAIDS (DVT) 100-200mg prn Levothyroxine .125mcg a day Levostatin(?) 20 mg a day Zoloft 200mg a day nerountin 2400 mg a day- for pain and mood stabilizer. Lidoderm patches- prn for pain

I have an appointment with a doc. What should I expect? What should I ask? What do I explain?

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