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behaviour of my mother after my marriage   Posted By saurav gogoi    Date : 08-Feb-09   06:13 AM     Reply

My mother is a very active woman who is now 59 years old.By profession she is a teacher, but last 2 years she is under depotation as a coordinator of Sorbosiksha mission. She drives a car and bike,which she learned at the age of 56 years to cope with the new job. She was very much attached with me,and we had very good friendship and discussed about all topics. But after my marriage(2 years before), I found change in her behaviour. She started to found out mistakes in evry small steps (some of which are really chilly). My wife is a master degree holder, had no job. But my mother wanted her to start B Ed course, which my wife did not wanted. But on my request, she admitted in the BEd cours. But she got heavy infection of urine, and she could not continue the course. After that she took admission in a computer course(on mother's demand),but due to severe backacke,she could not continue that too. My mother thought that is an insult to her, since my wife did not fulfilled her desire. She always get influence by neibours and speaks lots of thinks to my wife everyday giving reference of others. I work abroad in oilfield and I could come home every one month and stay home for one month. But this one month I had to spend very bad time, resolving the conflicts of both. I thought that the problems would be solved gradually, but problem didnt solved. sometimes she tell me to shift to some one capital town around 450 km away from my home. Finally I shifted myself with my wife to that town, because I thought it would be good for everyone. The day before coming from home, my mother took my wife to all neibours to tell her good buy to them.

After shifting two days she was OK in telephonic conversation. I made everyday call to her. from third day she started to cry in the telephone, blamming me that I am a handpack husband, I took my wife away from her(she beleive that I should force her to complete either B Ed or computer course before leaving home). Now all the time cry and cry when I call her.

I am really peaceless now. How should I behave with my mother now? Is my mother suffering from som Pscyiatric deases? Plz advise.

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Re : behaviour of my mother after my marriage - joti 09-Feb-09    08:30 AM

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