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frequent urination and whitish penile discharge during stool from cooper's gland (prostate)   Posted By raj    Date : 26-Dec-08   12:09 AM     Reply

hi dr good morning.i would like to discuss some problems that i have been facing for long.i am a healthy guy of 28 , who does follow a healthy diet rich in protein ,fibre and vegetables and stay away from refined sugar,oil and spices.but i have a problem of frequent urination.when i dring a big glass of water then about 45 mins later i feel an urge of urination.is that too quick .or it sounds normal.how long after drinking water human body converts it into urine.during bowel moments i pass whitish sticky penile discharge ( i dont think its sperm becoz it doest smell like sperm )when i use some force to pass stool.what i was told that it was a discharge from coopers gland near prostate gland and its normal.my gland may have been over reactive.i have this discharge problem for many years.but i didnt paid any attention becoz i dont have any other physical symptoms like tiredness or any other complications.i feel absolutely fine .

is there anything wrong with my prostate.i drink around 3-4 ltrs of water a day at regular intervals.my doctor cant evaluate the causes.

any opinion of your's over this matter be highly appreciated.thanks for your time and help.

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Re : frequent urination and whitish penile discharge during stool from cooper's gland (prostate) - Rakesh Khera 27-Dec-08    07:17 AM

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