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Hospital infection Vs Cost Control   Posted By Brijesh Babu    Date : 23-Dec-08   01:26 AM     Reply

Hospital infection Vs Cost Control Hospitals infections are quite common in the hospitals where the surgery load is high. There are lots of factors attributed to the hospital infections. The major among this factors is the sterilization techniques and the level of sterility maintained by the OT staff .The most important is the surgeon who is having the maximum interaction with the patient. Most of us take the surgeons for granted and concentrate on the other OT staff regarding the training for infection control. In my experience I have come across a few surgeons who follow very poor scrubbing and hand washing techniques.On Occurance of a hosptal infection we may go for a replacememt of Hepa Filter of our OT spending Lacks where the real problem may still be our surgeons technique. There is a direct relation of the Hospital infection with the cost control which most of us doesnt realize. We try to work on the other areas like the Inventory control and Stationary to arrest our cost but dont realize that the consumable and the medicine cost from the OT and other intensive care units is contributing to the major share of our cost. A hospital infection will result in the increase in the hospital days which will increase the hospitalization expenses. The doctor will be forced to push higher grade antibiotics to the patient for controlling the infection which will obviously be of the higher cost. There will be more dressing and wound cleaning which will require more consumables and nursing care. The infection will require a continuous monitoring of the different biochemical and Microbiological parameters of the infected patent which in turn results in more number of investigations. You also will have to repeat the investigations to know the effect of the antibiotics which you are pushing into the patient to control the infection. If you are giving the treatment as a package there will be no provision left for you to cover up your cost which may go higher than your package charges resulting in a big loss to your hospital. If you are charging the patient individually it becomes difficult for the patient to afford the cost which result s in dissatisfaction and distress to the patient. If the infection doesnt subside and results in some permanent disability or death to the patient you may have to spend a huge amount of money on the legal expenses and compensation. The media may take up the issue and damage the image of the hospital .All the money which had been spent on the advertisement and marketing for the hospitals goes in vain. It is always better to put a little efforts to prevent the infections so that you can intern reduce your hospital cost and maintain your goodwill.

Brijesh Babu Kolangath Hospital Administrator Vivus SMRC Heart Centre Goa

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