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Acquired Digital Fibrokeratoma   Posted By Arnab Mitra    Date : 02-Dec-08   07:08 AM     Reply

I was just going thorugh the internet on different abnormal growths on fingers and hands. I think my condition is similar to Acquired Digital Fibrokeratoma. I am not a doctor. I am located in Chennai, India. I did consult a doctor before and he tried to pass it on as a simple corn. During the consultation, he was more interested in my occupation and my profession and income e.t.c. I strongly think that it is not a corn! Please help me. Please discuss the situation with me. Are there any good/reliable Dermatologists available in chennai? I am new to Chennai? Please help!! If any PG Student is willing to do a research on this case they may contact me. If it is really an ADF then little is known about it as it is rarely reported. This may be an opportunity for the medical community to report this case and document it well.

My contact number is:

+91-9962574680 email: [email protected]

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Re : Acquired Digital Fibrokeratoma - dr vibhakar 15-Dec-08    11:22 AM

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