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birthmark removal   Posted By Samson    Date : 14-Oct-08   04:06 PM     Reply

Dear Doctor, We are from Kottayam. Our first child (boy) is only 25 days. It was a caesarean. There have been no anomalies known (or seen) till last week when almost all of a sudden a black line (nearly 2 cms wide) began to appear on his left eyelid and stretched across his face to connect the temple and a few centimetres down to his cheek. It sometimes felt like sticky and changes the colour from light to dark at times too. Luckily, it has not been spread to other areas so far.

Neither we nor our immediate relatives have any such marks. (I dont know if it is hereditary as well!) It is not a growth but a dark pigmentation. May be a stork bite or port wine stain but our eyes are not trained though. We are worried as this kind of a mark can make his face look ugly. One of the doctors said there was no treatment for this. I dont mind a Mongolian spot on buttocks or so but this would definitely affect his confidence when he grows up. Many say it would go with the time but you know the anxiety of parents.

We are very much concerned and would like to consult a doctor if it can be cured. Please guide us. Drop me a mail so that it wouldnt be late for my baby. Sorry, I dont have a photo to attach. But it does not reflect well in a photo at all.

Thanking you for your time and patience. Samson Joseph

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