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BREAST LUMP   Posted By dranva    Date : 15-Jan-03   05:27 AM     Reply

dear drs; I am dr anva,a young ophthalmologist(29yrs) currently residing in bombay. i got your email id from the internet. this is regarding a problem i am having that is causing me and my husband some concern. specifically speaking its a small lump in my breast-upper outer quadrant of left breast. well it started as a swelling in my left axilla 9years ago which was tender and inflamed.i had taken a course of antibiotics after which it subsided. 5years back i got pregnant,and the lump increased in size..and was slightly tender.also my nipples were cracked during lactation. right now,its an ill defined mass,size varies with menstrual cycle.and there is slight pain on pressure.there are no other nodes or lump in my breasts.and no discharge. i have consultant two doctors as of of them a plastic surgeon said it was nothing to worry about and suggested surgery and hormone treatment. the other, a general surgeon said to leave it alone and suggested it is only remnant breast tissue. at this point of time,i am confused to what i should do.i dont want to jump into surgery. should i do a FNAC?mamogram? please advise and give your expert opinion as this is causing me a lot of anxiety. thankyou; DR ANVA

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Re : BREAST LUMP - PANKAJ DESAI 05-May-03    01:43 PM

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