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altered sensation   Posted By ln    Date : 01-Aug-08   05:28 AM     Reply

I am 27 yrs old, I am having a problem since last one year.I was reading a book sitting with crossed leg for about 2 hours, suddenly i felt a sharp pain behind my knee.I could not get up for afew minutes,later it felt OK,but some pain while walking was there.Next day, suddenly while I was walking the pain in my knee was gone and I started feeling some mild tingling in my left half of the body.Now my entire left half of the body from head to toe have a mild strange sensation,it is not numb though andi dont notice this altered change in sensation when i am deeply engrossed in some work.I get pain and burning in my left side of body when i exert myself.Is this a stroke?I am scared,I had shown to a doctor who did basic neurologic tests and said nothing is wrong and i was put on some anti-depressants.I am still quite tense and still think I had a stroke.How I can confirm?

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Re : altered sensation - DR. PUNEET AGARWAL 06-Aug-08    11:06 PM

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