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Jackson's cross Cylender   Posted By sanjay    Date : 31-Jul-08   12:07 PM     Reply

In Jackson's cross Cylender there are two types of values in two meridians ,First -0.25 and +0.25 and in other type -0.50 and +0.50. This cross cylender is marked as ( - ) in one meridian and marked as ( + ) in another meridian.I observed while looking through the Cross Cylender Lens that on moving the lens in ( - ) marked meridian the object seen through the lens was moving in against direction and when it was moved in ( + ) marked meridian the object was moving in the same direction of the movement of lens. As we learnt that when we see any object through plus lens the object seems to move against the movement of lens and with minus lens on looking through , the movement will be in the same direction. So it is questioned that what and why, it happens different in cross cylender and in other cylenderical or spherical lenses ? Sanjay ([email protected] )

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