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Case Discussion

Anaesthesia   Posted By vandana    Date : 14-Nov-02   12:27 AM     Reply

I am opening a discussion for a case management I am sincerely looking forward to the replies.

The case is as follows:

A 30 yrs old female patient average height obese presented with h/o amennorhoea. She was 34 wks pregnant with valvular heart lesion MS with MR ALSO AS with AR. Her regurgitant lesions were dominant. She was a hypertensive since last 15 yrs.

She presented with leaking hence was to be taken up for c.secton. Her echo showed ejection fraction of 63% pt had absolutely no complaints except for occasional palpitation and breathlessnees on exertion.

She was managed as follows:

Sedated with 2 ml of midazolam preop pulse 92/min bp;132/86.induced with 10 mg of midazolam+inj glycoopyrrolate0.2.relaxant was vecuronium 8 mg maintained on no2 ,o2 ;50% ch+isoflurane.induction delivery time was 55 minutes. Baby was absolutely flaccid at birth and did not breath. pt was not cathetrised fluid given was 1 litre pt was reversed with atropie i,2+neostigmine2.5 pt could not maintain oxygen saturation on extubation hence was reintubated . She developed pulmonary oedema.

My question is that what went wrong and why was the baby flaccid?????

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