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Need urgent help - azoospermia   Posted By prakash    Date : 06-Jun-08   02:57 AM     Reply

Hello doctor,request you to go thru and kindly help me with right medicine. Some of the hompeathy medicines taken since 8 months. seleinum, tonovita, impotex, agnus catus,lachis,sulphur 200 (one dose),damiana q,tribulus terist Q,Tests-3x. Earlier case details Semen analysis done on 31st may 08 Report is as follows. report date.30.05.08 Vol <0.5ml Liquefication: Highly viscous with ph - 8 sperm - nil cllular debris : present (+) RBC's - Not seen/hpf Pus cells : 2-4/hpf Epithelial cells :0-1/hpf Bacteria :Present(+) Seminal Vesicle Marker : +ve Final impression : Azoospermia Remarks : Signifies disturbances in absence of sperms in the ejaculate. Fertility Score :04/40 Recently i got Dopler study done and the report is below. Doppler Study of Scrotal. Both testes are noramal in size and echotexture. no evidence of focal lesions / clarifications. Intratesticular vascularity is normal. Right testis measures : 3.9 x 2.3 x 1.8 cms. Left testis measures : 3.8 x 2.5 x 1.8 cms. Both epididymi are normal in size and echotexture. Right epididymis measures : 5 mm. Left epididymis measures : 8 mm. No evidence of varicocele is seen on either sides. No evidence of hydrocele is seen on either sides. Scrotal wall thickness normal. Impression: Normal study suggest clinical correlation. Semen Test done on 02nd April'08 Color Gray White P.H 7.5 Volume .5ML Reaction Alkaline Viscosity Thick Liquefaction Time More than 1 Hour Total Spermatozoa count '0' Millions / ML Motility Acitively Motile Nil Sluggishly Nil Non Motile Nil Morphology Natural Forms Nil Abnormal Forms Nil Other Findings Pus Cells Occasional / HPF EP Cells Occasional / HPF Cast 1-2/HPF Bacteria Occasional Semen Test done on 28.03.07 Semen Analysis Report volume <.5ml Liquefaction Highly viscus With PH 8 Spillage Nil Microscopic Observations Sperm Conc(in Millions/ml) 00.00 mil/ml Vitality Live :00% Total Ejaculate 00.0 mill Eosin Stain Dead:00% Morphological Abnormals Multiparametric coring Method Head 00 % Defects in head Mid-PIECE 00% Defects in mid piece, Multiple Defects:00% Tail 00% Defects in Tail. Percentage of overall defects 0% Agglutination Nil Head to head --- Head to Tail --- Tail to Tail --- cellular Debris Present(+) RBC's Not Seen/hpf PUS Cells 2-4/hpf Epithelial Cells Occassional/hpf Bacteria Present(+) Prostate Markers Zinc --- Citric Acid --- Acid Phosphatase --- Seminal Vesicle Marker Fructose Positive Epididymal Marker Neutral Glucosidase Final Impression Azzospermia Remarks Signifies disturbances in absence of sperms in the ejaculate Fertility Score :06/40

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