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Wound ballistics   Posted By Suhas Gokhale.    Date : 16-May-08   04:04 AM     Reply

Respected Sir, Recently in a trial in Maharashtra, a forensic expert had deposed some information which needs verification. The expert had deposed that, 1) In case of ballistic wound, if the lungs are punctured, due to pumping action of lungs during respiration, the penetrated bullet is gradually pushed back and may fall out of same orifice of entrance wound. He has also deposed that 2) When blood is exposed to atmospheric air, blood may take few hours to few days for clotting. 3) In a gun shot wound fired from beyond powder range, entrance wound may not be smaller in diameter than the penetrating projectile. 4) Amount of bleeding from an entrance wound may not negligible, it may be profusely bleeding. The expert is head of Forensic department of a Medical College. Is there any research paper published to support these findings? It is utmost essential and urgent because on the basis of this deposition, five persons, govt. servants were comvicted to suffer R.I. for life. I will be highly onliged to this get this information because I am one of those five persons. I had defended my own case. I am ready to pay the charges for relevant information. Thank you.

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