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Spoiled Ophthalmologists   Posted By Dr Dayal Bandhu Majumdar    Date : 27-Aug-02   07:39 AM     Reply

Hi Respected Ophthalmologists ,

I would like to draw your kind attention to a very peculiar , though not new topic for discussion . The statistics of low ratio between cataract back log and Indian Ophthalmologists ( I O ) is well known to all of us for decades . But I am surprised to note that a lot of I O are being spoiled in the rural health centers of West Bengal . They have to perform all sorts of medical and non medical duties there excluding any Eye Surgery . On an average 5 to 9 yrs have to be spent in the rural health centers before any Medical officer is kindly transferred to any " Base Hospital ".

Don't you think that this routine is enough to spoil any I O ? If you don't believe, I can give you the list of such spoiled I O s . The said I O s have no access to INDMEDICA naturally . What can we do for prevention of such spoiling ?

Yours , Dr D B Majumdar

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