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pain on outer sides of knees when sleeping   Posted By pradeep bhalla    Date : 10-Apr-08   09:29 AM     Reply

in 2001 i had fractured both my hipjoints and dislocated my shoulders due to severe seizures all night,later on attributed to low blood sodium on drug reaction. biopolar surgery was done in one hipjoint,shoulder were treated by shoulder reduction surgery and one hip was left as it is.i am fully active and can reasonable distancesof 2-3 kms,no pain but suffer from unoperatedleg shortened by about 1 inch after hospitalization.however for last three months iget mild pain and difficulty in starting to walk in my operated leg ,beside pain on outersides of my knees after about one hour of getting into bed to sleep which is very irritating and usually goes awayif i getup and walk for two minutes.i do recommended knee exercisesfor 20 mts morning/evening after which i feel no stiffness in operated hip for some timethereafter. i had consulted some senior ortheopedic surgeons,but each has different views ranging from revision surgery,avoid all pain killer medicines to not only taking nsaidsplus muscle relaxants combined with specific knee and lower back exercises.last option of nsaids+muscle relaxants+exercise are doing me good.i am 66 yrs old weighing 80 kgs ,very active and retired.i have no other problems except age related mild hypertension and mild dibetic for last one year on 500mg metformin.ido not want to go for surgery unneccarily.could anyone guide me line of treatment

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