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Renal insufficiency urgent   Posted By Ashwin    Date : 12-Mar-02   12:19 AM     Reply


We are worried and seek expert opinion. Came to know of your site thru net. Our patient is a family member, female, 51 yrs. She is suffering from renal insufficiency. The following are her observation reports:

1. Urinary creatinine (24 hrs urine) 519.2 mg/day 2. Urinay Protein (albumin) 10,560.0 mg/day 3. Creatinine clearance 18.02 ml/min 4. Hb 6.6 gm/dl 5. S. Pottasium (K) 6.2 meq/l 6. S. Sodium (Na) 142.0 meq/l 7. Serum Creatinine 2.0 mg/dl

There are other parameters. Please suggest what should be the further action. Please ask for additional details. WAITING DESPERATELY FOR YOUR MAIL.

I am also mentioning the Tc-99m DTPA RENAL DYNAMIC STUDY. Findings: both kidneys are slightly smaller in size. Perfusion and cortical uptake is impaired. Serial images reveal moderatley impaired cortical function with fair drainage from the pelvicalyceal systems. Background activity is increasesd.

Whole Kidney Left Right Total ------------ ----- ----- ------ Diff function(%)

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Re : Renal insufficiency urgent - Dr.Sanjay pandey, M.Ch, D.N.B Uro 23-Apr-03    07:01 PM

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