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Fibroids   Posted By gayathritata    Date : 24-Mar-08   03:07 AM     Reply

Dear Dr.

I have been diagnosed with 10mm fibroid in my Uterine wall during US Scanning on my first day of periods on 23 Jan 2008. I had an abortion of 6months baby during May2007 because of Turner's Syndrome. Right from the time i attained puberty, my periods are very regular for 30days cycle. After Marriage (May 2005) few times it changed to 32 days. After this abortion also, i had my periods regularly for 30days. since Dec 2008 it is coming like one month 30 days and another month 32 days. i used to have brownish mucus flow for 5 days before the actual flow starts. This is only later to the abortion. This month my periods is supposed to start either on 21st March 2008 or 23rd. 22nd late night i had few drops of blood and 23rd morning also the same. Till today the flow didnt start fully and the brownish mucus is also not so much. I tried with home kit to find whether i am pregnant. it says no. so, what to do, i am 30years old and i missed my first baby to. i will be happy if i get a solution to overcome my problems and become pregnant to yield a baby. I am staying singapore. Heard about you through internet. Looking forward eagerly for your prescription,

Thanks & regards Gayathri

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