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Migraine and weakness in left brain   Posted By Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 23-Jan-08   01:23 AM     Reply

Dear Sir, This has reference to your site on net regarding neuroscience for kids. Thank you for making such a informative web site on net for kids and others. My name is Mukesh Aggarwal and the resident of New Delhi, Capital of India. By profession, I am a computer engineer but due to some brain disease, I am finding very difficult to survive in this competitive world. I request you if you can help me in this to recover from this disease, which I am possessing it from Feb 2005 onwards. I am going to tell the following story to know you exactly how it started and happened to me. I was working in a very good company as a System Administrator. My family and myself were quiet happy with the company I was working with as the environement of the company was very friendly, positive and caring. The pay scale for the employees was also good. I have worked in this company for 4 years. The company was a Pharmaceutical export house. & On 9th of Feb 2005, I have joined an engineering company based in New Delhi on the blind faith of my very close friend. Before joinng the company, he has not shared much of the company' s environment and when I joined and entered in to the company. I found myself shocked at that people inside the company were working like slaves and the owners of the company used to abuse on employees very frequently and mentally torture employees.They even used to force employees to attend the office on holidays like Saturday, Sunday and other holidays..etc. That shock made my left brain non functioning specially the complete area, which is on the upper side of the ear and in result, gradually, I started to face memory problem, visual problem, talking problem, decision problem and almost lost everything in life from peace, happiness, .. to health and wealth and even I was quite afraid with it that I was not even making myself available to decide and resign from the company. But a time came and on 16th April 2007, I found myself little powered and resigned from the company. Since the date of resignation, I have met with so many doctors specialized in diiferent fields from Physician, Psychatrist, Psychologist, Cardiologits to Neurologist and also taken medication from them. I have also made MRI and EEG for the brain to find out the problem in which I have lost lot of money and now I am living my life as a beggar. But there is no such symptom in MRI and EEG. Everything was almost fine. Today I am finding myself little better than before but I still feel that I am not completely cure and when I start to use my left brain, I feel like that I am being forced to use my left brain. I also feel that the problem of my left brain made it smaller than my right brain. I was at home for 6-7months after resigning from the company as at that point of time, I used to feel that I got handicapped with my left brain and now I won't able to be recovered from this problem. Since then, I have not joined any other company and presently i am working with my brother. he is a businessman and manfacturer of scientific, testing and measuring instruments and also deal in security products. It is very humble request to you if you or your doctors friend can help me to recover this problem completely so that I could live my nor mal life as earlier it was. Thanking you in advance and hope for the positive reply from you with the blessing of God. Your sincerely Mukesh Aggarwal

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HMQHkBGJkaR - Breno 11-Apr-13    11:10 PM

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