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2nd infertility   Posted By sonal jaggi    Date : 29-Oct-07   07:29 AM     Reply

i am 33 years old and have a 5 year old daughter; have been attempting a second conception for about 2 years. finally consulted a gynae in may 2007 and underwent a series of tests ans examinations. nothing conclusive has come out of the investigations so far. i am from delhi, currently settled in hyderabad, seeking an early resolution in my case, considering my age and my daughter's. first child delivered at term. was induced labour as i had high bp. subsequently there was presence of meconium so baby was delivered by c/section. periods are regular, cycle of mostly 28-30 days, only twice delayed in this while by about a week. following are details of the tests conducted: 6 may 2007: ultrasound-lower abdomen/pelvis normal study

thyroid profile (t3,t4,tsh), serum/plasma glucose, urine glucose, complete blood count (with esr) all results within reference range VDRL Non recative HBaAg Negative Rubella virus test result : Immune thereafter hysteroscopy (file attd)and sonosalpingography performed. both ovaries showed features of PCOD. Pap smear was negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy. underwent follicular study in my previous cycle. follicle was present in rt ovary, grew to size of 29x34 mm on 20th day. turned into haemourhagic cyst with septations/ low level int echoes. ivestigations are not leading anywhere hence seeking advice.

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Re : 2nd infertility - Dr Neelam Garg 08-Jun-08    12:18 PM

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