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Trigonocephaly   Posted By Vikas Jain    Date : 04-Oct-07   04:38 AM     Reply

My Son has been diagnosed with Trigonocephaly (Synostosis of Metopic Suture). He is 20 days old born on 10 Sep 2007. I am not sure whether surgery is required or not. Attached is the CT scan and report. I lived in Delhi. Can any one suggest which hospital / Doctor I can contact for this. I have serached on net and came thru Amrita Instituite of Medical Science. Is is Good Hospital for such cases. Please suggest.

At Birth (10/Sep/2007) Aayush's head circumference was 35 cm and weight was 3.2 kg. As per last visit (25/Sep/2007) to his paediatrician, His head circumference is 36 cm and weight is 3.7 kg. His doctor has now told us to come after 15 days i.e. when he will be 1 month (12 Oct' 2007) old for checkup and Vaccination. Below is the CT SCAN Report. CT Head /Brain-Plain Result: 5X5 mm axial sections obtained in posterior cranial fossa and supratentorial regions using MDCT scanner Both cerebral hemispheres are normal in architecture and attenuation. The basal cisterns, sulci and fissures are normal. Both lateral ventricles and IIIrd ventricle are normal. No shift of midline structure is seen. The cerebellum and IVth ventricle are normal. Complete fusion of metopic suture is noted. Coronal, sagittal and lamboid sutures are seen normally. IMPRESSION: Cranio-synostosis involving metopic suture (trigonocephaly)

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Re : Trigonocephaly - Dr rk seth, craniofacial surgeon 05-Oct-07    12:33 AM

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