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Re : Re : Nevus Comedonicus.   Posted By Surajit Bhattacharya    Date : 02-Oct-07   11:18 PM     Reply

Nevus Comedonicus usually consists of a collection of dilated, keratin-filled pores (comedones) that can be localized or widespread. It typically presents at birth or in childhood. The majority of cases are isolated findings but a syndrome (nevus comedonicus syndrome) with other defects. Although nevus comedonicus can become repeatedly inflamed and infected, most cases require no treatment or can be improved with topical retinoic acid or ammonium lactate lotion. The lesion appears as a collection of discrete, dilated follicular ostia plugged with pigmented keratinaceous material. They can be single or multiple, usually unilateral, and range in size from a few centimeters to involving one entire half of the body. Nevus comedonicus syndrome is the association of nevus comedonicus with abnormalities in the central nervous system (epilepsy, transverse mylitis), skeletal system (scoliosis, hand and foot deformities), skin, and eye (cataract). While providing information about the disease is possible by Email, planning an individual's treatment protocol without examining him is quite a different matter. Yes, photographs will help but amateurish contemplation about post operative problems of sitting and lying down will not. For a student, attention to this benign problem can not be the first priority. I feel you can always postpone your surgical treatment for a future opportune moment, when you are back home amongst friends and relatives.

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