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Hepatitis ina patient with cirrhosis   Posted By Subhash Agashe    Date : 10-Jun-01   04:32 PM     Reply

A young lady, ages 32 yrs is suffering from about a month from jaundice. No h/o fever, no h/o vomiting, no loss of appetite. Pain in abdomen +. diagnosed as viral hepatitis" A".with azotaemia. clinically CVS. RS.: normal, BP 120/74 mm Hg.Icterus +, oedema on feet, PA: soft, tenderness lower abdomen(hepatomegali + as noted by junior dictor). Hb. 11.2 gms%, wbc:9800, p77,l20, alp62-53, AST 458-390, ALT 234-205 T.Biloirubin 29.6-30.4, direct 4.4, indirect 25.2. Alb. 2.5, Creatinine 1.2Ceruloplasmin 22.7. USG: shrivelled, nodular liver ?Given 3 bottles serum Albumin 200 ml each. At present taking: Ribavarin 100 1 tds. T. bioE 400 1 od. T. celin 500 od, Nicrocil 2 bd. folvite 1 bd. Zeviy 1 bd. Pantodac 40 1 od. Lasix 40 mg. 1 od. Syr. Duphalac 20ml bd.

I have not seen the patient. She has been discharged from the Hospital and asked to go home and continue the medicines. Told all will be well in due course. I doubt. Any further clinical findings or investigations needed? What would be your advise for further management.

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