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Re : Hospital Designing   Posted By Dr. Praneet Kumar    Date : 24-Aug-07   11:55 PM     Reply

There is reasonable amount of literature specific to Indian context available for planning of health facilities in India.

Bureau of Indian Standards has guidelines for a 30 bed rural hospital, 100 bed and 200 bed hospital. These are available on a nominal payment to BIS and you can procure the CD.

Besides, BIS literature, there are books on Hospital Planning and Architecture available written by Indian professionals.

However, the best advice you can get from a hospital consultant. However, please keep in mind that hospital planning & designing is a very complex science and art both. You, as a cleint, should be absolutely clear about what you want to make and what is your target cleitnele. The basic coneptualisation, strtategic plan and thereby the physical facility design will evolve out of it.

Needless to mention, the above is the most critical step otherwise one gets sucked in to stray in to planning something which may not be the origianl objective.

From the point of view of Indian context, focus on local architecture and material is very important. This must always remain in forefront while planning for any health facilty more so in rural setting.

The points to reamain in focus are endless but they are to be specifically dealt with in light of the basic objective of the project and goals set for the facility.

In the end I would suggest that you may scout for a good hospital consultant. A good advice from such a professional would save you enpough from the capital outlay to pay for his fees itself.

Best wishes for your project.

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