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Parents quarrel   Posted By Sreeny    Date : 24-Jul-07   01:13 PM     Reply

We are happy family( Middle Class) .., parents and 2 Sons. I am the Elder .. This all started around 5 - 6 Yrs . For Carrier perspective we both brothers subsequently moved away from Home in different Cities .

My father was a electrical Engineer ., and took VRS from Public Company around 8 Yrs ago.

He has really worked hard not having any other peeking activities . He was strict with money matter .. strict in sense .. single penny is accountable. Should be knowing why we used it .

Thas the reason my father is well know in family circle and people will take his advise and move my father front for any money matters .

Apart from that he is also strict in not to disturb house hold things places ..

Every family member of us supported the same and we are happy .

After VRS Initial days were good and as a small and middle class family we know our restriction and we know that we get something only if we do hard work.

From the time we are away from home unnecessary quarrels started . He became Short temper and pointing out things to My mother .

Since my Mother is also a self esteemed person .. she would not accept anything which she feels is not wrong and anything harm to others.. and quarrels arise .So we thought that as he is away from his regular work he has all the time to point out things . We asked him all possible ways to get involved in one or the other .. but he showed no interest ., he is a good painter .

So last year we started a farm business . Now he will spend time writing accounts and having late time food . this became frequent quarrel ., my mother says that first have bath and food and then take ur time to write accounts or going to places . We started advising him ., which he does not like and now he feels that my mother is not supporting him . He wants he should be involved in all the things starting from house maid queries . He wants we to say to how good things he does .. but my mother being house wife does not get this immediately . As other family does the same ,he quarrel with my mother asking why cannot she do the same and quarrel between us ,why he will start unnessary issues .He wants everybody to listen to him.

Now he feels that we 3 are seperate team.

We told him number of times to maintain his seniority .. but all are vain .

I dont want get things more messy .. Can somebody suggest good Psychiatry in Hyderabad I would like to take them and get things settled

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