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Re : HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION   Posted By R Dubey    Date : 12-Jul-07   07:39 AM     Reply

Hello every body ...there are so many opinions on this board it is visible that our opinion are divided over the matter . But look how competent we are is clearly visible by the fact that no body is perfect ,so first we choose what role we can play in a hospital .for Non -Medical HR,MARKETING,IT & Accounts . this part in a hospital is just 10-20 percent so where is the applicability for non -medicals .

May this factor look totally opposite to choose non -medicals but actual fact is that no medical person is perfect in managing such issues . In India self Made Gurus & Created /Advertised personalities are dominating Hospital Administration.Now in hospital sector marketing is taught by people who have 0 percent knowledge about healthsector so the question again rises do we need them to teach us the bussiness of patient care.

This could be seen in some metros where Health sector is only channelised by non -medicals thus in this aspect MCI should take proper action than drafting policy and inspecting medical institutions.This field should also be combined under ethical laws so that unwanted / uncompetent waste should be thrown out from the system .

Our goverment does not look serious and it has always taken failed steps,the days are very short that Insurance sector will takeover health sector as financial and promotion part has failed majorly due to inclusion of uncompetent people.

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