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Re : HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION   Posted By Prof (Col) R. N. Basu    Date : 10-Jul-07   08:32 AM     Reply

Hospital Administration has not been given its due place in India. Firstly, hardly any doctor choses this specialty as his first choice. Selection process for the course is faulty. As a result, those who cannot get into the clinical specialties get into these courses. These doctors are de-motivated from the very beginning. Even the teachers are not motivated to teach. Curricula is faulty. This is a general picture. Exceptions are there. Mostly, because of some medical administrators' inherent capability to do well. Amongst the medical fraternity, Doctors administrators are considered as second class citizens. There is hardly any realization that hospital administration needs rigorous training. There is definitely a need for non medical administrators. They can do very well in certain areas of hospital administration. However, with phenomenal growth of corporate hospitals, whose objective is that hospital should run by business means as well as business ends, there is practically a deluge of hospital administration courses. To give an example, West Bengal has now 15 colleges affiliated under West Bengal Technical University, producing about 800 to 900 so called hospital administrators. Hardly any hospital wants them. The hospital industry cannot absorb such huge number. There is a case that selection of the candidates should be rigorous, training should be meticulous and preferably hospital based. An IIM alumni gets 10 to 20 lakhs pay packet on an average because the industry cannot afford to lose money. But, in India human life is cheap. If there is a loss of life by administrative omissions or commissions only God is blamed.

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