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Opinion regarding Post Encephalitis Organic Brain Syndrome.   Posted By Laxman Vijay Bhai    Date : 09-Jun-07   05:37 AM     Reply

My son, age 11 years old has case history of abnormal behaviour, restlessness, sleeplessness & lose of the age of 3, he developed Encephalitis,Hospitalized for 3 weeks, with complaint of vomiting,headache,high grade of fever with stiffness & rigidity in his limbs.He was in unconcious condition for almost 3-4 days. Since then he is not able to speak or learn single word & lost his memory. Before Encephalitis he was very intelligent & had sharp memory. Now he had voilent & abnormal behaviour, all the day he torns & throws out house hold things or furniture, books, utensils Etc.He has diagnosed: Post Encephalitis Organic Brain Syndrome. Is there any cure of this syndrome in Neurology or Psyciatry?. Please advice me for any medication to control his abnormal behaviour & sleeplessness. Regards, -Vijay Bhai.

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