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Skin problem   Posted By mayank singh    Date : 28-Mar-07   05:23 AM     Reply

DearDoctor, Iam currently in Kenya 3 years ago Istartgetting a black spot onmy face which after a few days became itchy & on pressing bllod would ooze &seem to heal later on a mild darkening of the skin around the cheeks developed with a sudden itchy feeling which on pressing would become a dark soar now it has spread all over my body specially in the skin folds & I get round ring worm like rashes on my arms which heal but leave circular light skined marks - Ihave tried Ketaconazol 1 daily for 3 weeks, depro phoseinjections, minocycline,livocetrizine but to no avail now days when i press the skin on my forehead or shoulders I feel globules breaking,Ihave had kELOIDS SINCE THE AGE OF 12. Plse help its now gone even under my eyelids & scalp & causes an itchy feeling as if thorns are growing out, the dermatologists here are no help- last year in India I was given Livo cetrizine with Hydro chloroquinine sulphate& anti oxidants & the situation had reversed but oncoming back to Nairobi itcame back &the same medicine became in effective.If need be I cansend more detailed pictures. mayank

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Re : Skin problem - Dr.Laxman Mavarkar 28-Mar-07    11:53 PM

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