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Meningitis   Posted By Avinash Joshi    Date : 01-Dec-00   08:21 AM     Reply

This is tragic a case of 4 year old child . He was suffering from intemittent fever , vomitting and slight headache from 2 days.Blood test showed high WBC counts ( @ 18000) . Fever did not subside for another two days inspite of Antibiotics and antimalerial treatment .and WBC counts rose to 26000 further on fourth day. He had severe sudden convulsions on the 5th day which led to cerebral rigidity and he was in deep coma on the 5th day!!. L.P test could not be unfortunately taken during these 4/5 days thinking that fever will subside due to antibiotic treatment. It resulted in Brain Death ( no stem reflexes / no spot. respiration for further 6 days in coma -- he was on ventilators during these six days ) and ultimately On the 6th day an L.P was taken for academic interest which showed high Proteins.we had to declare Death! Can anyone please throw some light on this case? Was it a case of Bacterial meningitis(meningoco or pneumoco?) or Viral Meningitis? Are such cases reported elsewhere ?

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