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Epilepsy   Posted By Archana    Date : 01-Aug-06   01:15 PM     Reply

My husband started having flashing lights, severe headache, confusion a little over a month ago. He is 40 years old. He travels couple of times a year to China on work.

On his last visit to China from July 13 - 21 things got bad. He started having these episodes of flashing light, headache, diziness, blurry vision couple of times a day over there. He had a Grand mol seizure on the plane on his way back to US. After he came back, after 2 days I admitted him to Yale New Haven hospital in CT, USA.

He is been treated with different medications through IV and pill forms - Dylantin and Depicode (excuse me if the spellings are wrong). Today they put him on another medication - Phenburbatol to stop his seizures. He is on EEG for the last 3 days. The doctors say that they have seen improvement to some extene but they haven't stopped yet. His vision has become very blurry. He had an MRI 3 times in last week so far. The MRI shows 2 very small leisons in the left parietal area of his brain. The doctors have performed number of blood test and also lumbar puncture. NOne of the results have come positive yet. So, they don't know the cause yet. So, they don't know how to cure this yet.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re : Epilepsy - Dr.B.Prakash 03-Feb-07    01:22 PM

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