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Knee injury   Posted By M Krishna Pranav    Date : 13-Jun-06   12:44 AM     Reply

A bit of background..I had gone on a 600km cyling trip in March this year from chennai to vishakapatnam...A large part of the trip, i was standing on one pedal(you know, pedal fast for some time and instead of sitting, you stand on one pedal while the cycle is going ahead)...towards the end of the trip,i could feel pain in my knees(right knee more)..I cut short the trip and came back..from then onwards, there is a pain in my knees, a sort of intermittent pain, never too much (i can still run and play tennis) but never going away...I consulted a doctor, he saw the x-ray reports and said that the bone was allright maybe its a ligament tear...i took physiotheraphy(hot plate treatment) on his advice...but even now the pain still exists...what should i do?? can i carry on my normal activities? Thanks a lot in advance, doc

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