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32 yr old, weight loss, vomiting, consistent stomach ache   Posted By Mrs R Yadav    Date : 04-Jun-06   01:44 PM     Reply

Hello Sir, my sister is a interior designer by profession. my sister had put on a lot of weight due to which she had breathing problems. to overcome this she started taken dabur slimming pills w/o informing anyone. she had enough pills and then her problems started progressing. she used to fast, at times she skipped the meals too and got habituat to tea throughout the day. since last 6 months she is not able to digest the food. she could feel some gaseous constituents moving round her stomach. she had consulted a gastroenterologist who advised her to go thru few diagnostic procedures keeping in mind that she might have severe acidity. she was taken thru sonography, x-ray, barium follow thru and lastly she had an endoscopy, because of which it was revealed that there is some blockage somewhere near her abdomen due to which the food is not going thru the digestion process. she either vomits it out or has constipation problems. the barium enema states that she has multiple strictures and dilated fixed ileum. kindly advice how do we go thru.

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