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Malignant Glaucoma   Posted By Anurag Thakral    Date : 13-Mar-06   05:04 AM     Reply

A patient underwent an uneventful IOL surgery in LE. The other eye (RE) had been operated elsewhere 2 years back and seemed to have been 'eventful' with the upper iris missing and vitreous protruding from behind the IOL and incarcerating in the wound. The patient had poor vision in that eye. Now after LE surgery pt had 6/9 vision. However pt presented 15 days later with dimness of vision. Examination showed shallowing of AC with raised IOP. It was clinically diagnosed as malignant glaucoma. All the medical measures were unsuccessful in relieving the glaucoma. So an anterior vitrectomy (behind the IOL) was performed through the pars plana. The moment the sclerotomy was performed for the vitrectomy there was a sudden deepening of the AC. The virectomy was completed and the patient had well controlled tension and a deep AC postoperatively. However a week later the patient has again presented with a shsllowing of the AC. Please advise.

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