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Vitreous Debris in a Buckled Eye   Posted By Anurag Thakral    Date : 09-Mar-06   01:51 PM     Reply

A 12 year old girl presented with total balloonous RD in RE. Left eye had been lost to RD one year back in the absence of any treatment. There were three large breaks seen from 7 to 11 o' clock. Buckling was performed which resulted in settling of the retina. However, I now observe a lot of debris floating in the vitreous cavity. Although all the breaks are fully supported and the retina is settled, the breaks being large there is a significant area of exposed RPE. Also a significant amount of cryo was required to surround those breaks. What is all that debris? If it is RPE cells are they heralding the onset of PVR? Should I be a vitrectomy to clear the media as well as a prophylactic measure for PVR? Please Advise.

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Re : Vitreous Debris in a Buckled Eye - Dr Mukesh Porwal 11-Mar-06    04:22 PM

Re : Vitreous Debris in a Buckled Eye - Dr.Deependra 26-Apr-06    11:19 AM

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