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Queries reg Epilepsy   Posted By Saras    Date : 05-Jan-11   07:51 AM     Reply

Hi, I have the following symptoms since the past 4 years. 1. Feeling light-headed, dizzy, head pressure and irritable. 2. Perceiving a sensation of movement, false fear of falling and off balance. 3. Body becomes extremely unstable. Feeling of losing balance or fainting or passing out. 4. Unexplained uneasiness and restlessness.

Of late they have worsened a lot. 2 days back I had my MRI for head done, which was absolutely normal. However, my EEG showed minor abnormalities and my physician diagnosed it as minor epilepsy. However, when these symptoms start they last for hours together. Is this possible with any kind of epilepsy? Moreover they are also triggered due to psychology and fear at times. sometimes certain specific locations trigger these feelings. All my blood reports are normal too.

So i just wanted to know if epilepsy is the culprit or something else ?

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Re : Queries reg Epilepsy - Dr Rahul Chakor 06-Jan-11    11:50 PM

Re : Queries reg Epilepsy - DR PUNEET AGARWAL 08-Jan-11    03:48 AM

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