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Book on Ophthalmic Dispensing Optics   Posted By Dr. Narendra Kumar    Date : 15-Aug-10   09:33 PM  
Moving Larva in Eye   Posted By Dr Dayal Bandhu Majumdar    Date : 23-Mar-10   11:32 AM  
Astrocytoma of optic nerve head   Posted By DR SRINIVAS SINGARAM    Date : 15-Aug-09   05:53 AM  
donate eye   Posted By president    Date : 09-Aug-08   06:28 AM  
photofobia   Posted By ashok davda    Date : 07-May-08   03:11 AM  
iris cysts   Posted By Mrs. Mestry    Date : 17-Apr-08   10:47 PM  
colour blindness   Posted By vishnukumar    Date : 19-Feb-08   03:02 AM  
reading problem   Posted By divya    Date : 28-Jan-08   01:21 AM  
detection of intraocular lens in anterior chamber by ordinary torch   Posted By Anant Bhargava    Date : 28-Jul-07   06:05 AM  
fungal infection   Posted By DR RAJ MIYAN    Date : 03-Jun-07   06:01 AM  
low lision   Posted By Surinder Dhar    Date : 27-Apr-07   04:04 AM  
paediatric cataract   Posted By dr syed kaleemulla    Date : 15-Apr-06   05:40 AM  
Making of artificial eyes   Posted By Dr. Narendra Kumar, BAMS, DROpt, PGCR    Date : 14-Nov-05   02:16 AM  
Phaco Camps   Posted By Narender S    Date : 13-Nov-05   02:58 PM  
DBCS Funding   Posted By Salil Kumar Ali    Date : 17-Oct-04   02:49 PM  
cataract   Posted By sanjeev mittal    Date : 30-Aug-04   12:35 PM  
MEDICAL EDUCATION   Posted By DR. B.B.RAO    Date : 18-Oct-03   06:20 PM  
IOL Cost   Posted By Dr D B Majumdar    Date : 03-Dec-02   08:56 PM  
post cataract surgery endophthalmitis   Posted By madhusudhanarao.k.v    Date : 27-Nov-02   08:38 PM  
Cataract Surgery in Camps   Posted By Dr. Shyam Vyas    Date : 22-Feb-02   07:21 PM  
Use of Schiotz Tonometer   Posted By Dr John R N Sangma    Date : 26-Jan-02   05:03 PM  
cataract with 160 degree zonular dialysis   Posted By dr.shekhar rastogi    Date : 26-Jan-02   05:05 PM  
Post op reaction or chronic endophthalmitis   Posted By Dr V K Nichlani    Date : 17-Jan-02   10:47 PM  
Secondary IOL implantation   Posted By Dr. Navneet Garg    Date : 14-Dec-01   06:01 PM  
cataract with 160 degree zonular dialysis   Posted By dr.shekhar rastogi    Date : 28-Nov-01   09:35 AM  
Use of Schiotz Tonometer   Posted By Dr John R N Sangma    Date : 09-Sep-01   06:17 AM  
Artificial Eyes   Posted By Atkins D. B.    Date : 25-Aug-01   10:21 AM  
ACRYLIC IOL   Posted By Sonal S. Shah    Date : 02-Apr-01   01:43 PM  
Tense eyball during SICS   Posted By Dr. Sasikumar S    Date : 09-Feb-01   04:07 AM  
cataract surgery in Marfan's syndrome   Posted By DR RAVI KUNJITHAI    Date : 01-Oct-00   02:30 PM  
Central sutural cataract   Posted By Dr.Rekha Khandelwal    Date : 05-Sep-00   12:02 PM  
Cataract surgery in Pars planitis   Posted By Dr. Debasish Mandal    Date : 25-May-00   09:15 PM  

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